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Broccoli Omelette with Fried Brown Rice – Satay Style

Sayat Rice_With Broccoli Omlette-Hero_LR

Ok so day 3 of the satay marathon. I had a portion of the fried rice I made yesterday left over so I popped that in the oven to heat up. While it was warming through I knocked up a tasty omelette.

I whisked 3 awesome organic free range eggs from Mulloon Creek Officially the best eggs I’ve had in Australia.

Then get a frying pan on a medium heat and add some sliced mushrooms and some slices of organic broccoli. I added about a teaspoon of oil. The choice of oil is up to you. I seasoned it with salt and pepper then added a teaspoon of mirin. Pop the lid on and give 1 min then add a tiny knob of butter and toss the pan until the butter melts. Now add the eggs and jostle around for 30 seconds. Pop the lid on and leave for about 2-3 mins until the egg is cooked. This is kind of an open omelette / thin frittata. The broccoli should just be cooked and have a nice crunch to it.

Pop the omelette on a plate, spoon over the rice then add a little of the satay sauce and sprinkle with fresh red chilli and coriander. Simple. This is a really good post work out feed. Lots of protein and good carbs, plus it’s proper tasty!

Give it a try

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