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Egg Avocado and Salad Wrap

Nice easy one here. Great for vegetarians who need a nice little protein hit.

egg salad wrap

you will need;

  • 3 Organic Free Range Eggs – Hard boiled (from cold water as soon as it is boiling give it 8 mins)
  • 1 Avocado – Mashed up and seasoned with salt and pepper
  • 1 Ripe Tomato – roughly chopped and seasoned with salt
  • Pickles – sliced or diced
  • Lettuce of choice
  • Relish of choice
  • Mustard

1. Peel the eggs and roughly chop then season with a touch of salt and pepper. Spread the avocado over the whole wrap. We want a nice even coverage, plus if you go right to the edge the avocado will help to keep the wrap together once it’s wrapped. I call it wrapglue™.

2. pop the eggs in a 2 inch thick line in the middle of the wrap. Add the tomato then the pickles, a touch of mustard then the relish. Finish with the lettuce. (If you have any of the avocado left, chuck this in a line in the middle before you do the lettuce.)

3. Roll up and slice down the middle

egg salad wrap 2


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