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The perfect Steak…

So this is just a quick one. I had this last week and it was rather good. Cooked perfectly even if I do say so myself 🙂


Given that, I thought I might just put up a little guide to cooking the perfect steak.

It really is very simple. Get some really good quality meat. Grass fed organic beef is my preference. Don’t eat bad quality meat. If you don’t know where it comes from don’t eat it. This steak I used here was an 8 week aged bit of grass fed rib eye of beef. It was incredible.

First of all, the most important thing. Take the steak out of the fridge at least an hour before you cook it. You want it to be as close to room temperature as possible before you cook it. If you don’t do this you may as well just throw it away and eat a carrot or something.

Second. Just before you cook it brush with olive oil and season with Maldon salt and pepper on both sides.

Third. What ever you are going to cook it in make sure it is blindingly hot. You ideal temperature is somewhere between the melting point of iron and the sun.

rib eye on bbq

For my steak i used my BBQ which I can get really hot. I left it heating up for about 15-20 mins so I could barely keep my hand over the griddle.  If you use a pan then let it heat up with no oil in the pan for at least 5-10 mins so it’s smoking hot. You don’t need to add  any oil to the pan. The oil you have put on the steak will be sufficient.

Then it’s just a case of how you like it cooked

If it’s blue then put in on the grill. Count to 5, turn over and count to 5 then just roll the sided over the pan to seal it then it’s done. If you are using a pan then make sure to let the pan heat up again once you’ve turned the steak as you really want maximum heat.

If you want it rare or medium rare then it will really depend on how thick the steak if you are using. My steak was quite thick so I had it on for about 1 and a half mins each side. This took it to about medium rare.

If you want it any more than that then I guess that’s up to you but you’ll have to figure that out.

These timings really depend on how hot you manage to get your cooking device up to and the size / depth of the steak. You just have to kind of use the force and take it off when it seems ready. This is what I do.

Final important point. Let it rest for about 3 mins before you eat it.  Again resting period kind of depends on how you’ve cooked it. So again, use the force and judge it for yourself.

Really the most important things are to make sure the steak isn’t cooked straight from the fridge, that you cook it over a very high heat. (hotter than the sun) and finally that you let it rest before you eat it. The rest is just practice in knowing how long to cook it for.


Hope that was some help. I served my steak with steamed green beans. An organic baked potato with organic butter and some sauce left over from a slow cooked beef stew with red wine I made the other day. Recipe for that to follow tomorrow! 🙂 xx

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  1. A brilliant trick I have discovered if you don’t have any sauce (or can’t be bothered) is add a knob of butter to the pan after you’ve taken the steak out then sloosh it round to collect all the juice and pour over the steak. YUM.

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