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Timmys 2 Hour Meals…the Perfect Baked Potato

Ok so if you’ve not seen recently on Channel 10 in Australia Jamie Olive has been doing these 15 minuet meals. Really great idea, big fan of Jamie Oliver. He’s had a massive influence on my cooking. The first cook book I owned was his first one. A birthday present from my dad. Anyway I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this whole timed meal thing. While I think it’s a great idea I’m not too sure that your average beginner cook will be able to do his recipes in 15 minuets, the way he’s set up the recipe is really clever so it should be possible but I think it’s not so much aimed at the beginner but someone who can cook either with limited time in the evenings or unwilling to spend too long in the kitchen. He’s managed to come up with these great recipes cutting time in areas where you can get away with it and not compromising in other areas. I guess there are a lot of people who want to come home from work and cook up something quick and easy that’s healthy and tastes great. I personally like to spend time in the kitchen as it de-stresses me after a days work. I think it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day. However I guess not every one is like me.

Saying that I’ve decided to try my little idea out. Timmys 2 hours meals, haha. The only reason I’ve thought of this was due to a bottle of wine and me cooking a baked potato for dinner and watching Jamie’s 15 minuet meals.

I personally don’t think you should ever try to rush a baked potato. The best results will always be from cooking it slowly in the oven for 2 hours with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil rubbed into it. None of this microwave it first bollocks. This will give you the perfect baked potato every time. Simple serve it with Heinz baked beans, a tasty mature cheddar and lots of butter. Not that healthy but you could always have some salad with it or maybe some tomato sauce.

Simply come home turn the oven on to 160°C, open a bottle of tasty red wine. While the wine is breathing get your potato give it a clean if it needs it. Dry and pour over the extra virgin olive oil and season generously with some Maldon sea salt, rub the salt and oil all over the potato, now pop in the oven on the middle shelf. Put it straight on the oven shelf, you can put an oven tray on the shelf below to catch any oil or juices as it cooks. Put the timer to 1hr 45 mins. Sit down and pour the wine. Drink and chat with your friends, family or yourself until the timer goes off then heat up your beans, grate the cheese then as soon as you’ve done that remove the potato from the oven, cut open, add loads of butter then add the beans and cheese. Sorted.

I reckon total time of actual cooking effort is about 12 minuets. The rest of it has been spent chatting and drinking wine. Beat that Oliver!

I’m only messing but there are loads of tasty quick healthy fillings you could make for your baked potato. Chucked a few ideas below. As I’m still on a massive budget and having recently bought a large bag of potatoes I’ll do some of these recipes in the week and go into a bit more detail.

After all this I’m not quite sure what my point was. I guess mainly that you shouldn’t rush a baked potato. An important point I think you’d agree. It’s worth the wait. Proper crispy crunchy skin with a nice fluffy middle. The perfect baked potato.

Filling Ideas 

Warm tuna salad  Grab some fresh tuna. Pan fry it with salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil and serve it with some cooked green beans, anchovies, a couple of boiled eggs some watercress or rocket, some red onion and some cherry tomatoes. Pop the cherry tomatoes in the oven for the last 5 mins of the potato cooking to warm them through slightly and bring out loads of flavour. It’s a bit like a Niçoise.

Fetta, spring onion and chicken – Pan fry some chicken breast with salt pepper and fresh thyme. Add the feta and spring onions roughly chopped to the potato then slice the chicken and pop on top. Simple flavours but tasty and pretty healthy.

Home made coleslaw and ham with crispy cheese – Just thought of this. I’ll do this one in the week as I’m not quite sure of the exact idea yet. Check back soon.

I’ll think of a few more ideas in the week and pop them up here.

Get your potato on people!

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