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Bolognese Video fun

Ok so here is the second video. Again, still trying to work out the best method but I think these are acting as a pretty good visual reference to go along with my recipes. If you check out my Lasagna Recipe you can follow the Bolognese bit on there. It’s pretty much the same only I didn’t roast the peppers and tomatoes this time. I don’t have a hand blender so decided to do it slightly differently.

Once I pluck up the courage to appear in front of the camera I’ll start to get a bit more adventurous with the videos :-). Should have used a photo as the last shot instead of a video pan. Didn’t quite work as I wanted but not too bad tho. It’s all still a bit of a learning process!

The Music on this video is by Nightmares on Wax and is called Morse.

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