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Crispy Roast Chicken Bap


Chicken Roll Hero_SM

So I was walking home, craving something but I didn’t know what….then had an epiphany. I wanted some sort of crispy chicken in a soft white roll (Bap, Bun, Batch, Balm or Cob depending on which area of England you’re from), with salad and butter, tomato relish and mayo. So off to the shop I went. It was absolutely perfect.

It’s a pretty quick (for me) and a reasonably healthy recipe. You could adapt the chicken to use in a lot of different dishes. From a sandwich, a salad, a finishing touch to a vegetable soup or just serve it with some mash potato, vegetables and gravy. All great comfort food.

So to make this tasty Chicken Bap you will need;

  • Organic Free Range Chicken Legs – 2 per person at least. 3 if you’re feeling greedy ūüôā
  • Plain Flour – Try and get the organic stone milled stuff
  • Maldon Salt and Pepper
  • Sweet Paprika
  • Ground Ginger
  • Your favourite¬†mayonnaise
  • Your favourite¬†tomato relish or chutney
  • A nice lettuce leaf mixture
  • Good quality Organic Butter


1. Ok so heat up your oven to about 200¬įC. Now get a large bowl and add 4 tablespoons of the flour. Add to this a good pinch of salt and a load of freshly ground pepper. Now add 2 teaspoons of paprika and the same of ground ginger. Mix well, then one by one roll each chicken leg around in the flour mixture making sure to cover the whole leg, just tap of the excess so there is a nice light dusting covering the chicken. Get a nice heavy ¬†deep oven roasting dish and place each leg ¬†in this with a nice gap between each one. I managed to get 9 in the pan with about 1-2cm between each one.

2. Now put in the oven on the top shelf and leave for about 45 mins. That’s it really. The time will vary depending on your oven so if you have a fan oven it might be quicker. You want each leg to go nice and golden. After about 35 mins I carefully brushed a little oil over the legs for the last 10 mins.

Once the chicken is ready remove from the oven and let sit for about 10 mins. You should have nice crispy golden skin.

3, While the chicken is cooling¬†get your bap ready.¬†I sliced it ¬†in half, buttered both sides with a generous amount of butter then I spooned some mayo on the bottom and added some freshly ground pepper. Next I added the lettuce then you’re ready for the chicken. Get 2-3 legs and shred or cut off the meat from the bone. (Be careful not to get any bone or cartilage). Now,¬†add the chicken on¬†top of the lettuce. I then spooned some of the tomato relish on the top bun and placed this on top of the chicken.

Chicken Roll Cut_SM

Sorted. Proper good.¬†Enjoy the bappy goodness ūüôā xx

The tomato chutney I used is from the Beerenberg Family Farm. They do a great range of relishes and chutney. Well worth trying out. 


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