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Fun with Fire!

I went to the Glebe Moonlight Fire Jam last night at Bicentennial park. The guys who organised it have a stall at Glebe markets. While I was down at the markets during the day I bought some light poi and they told me they were putting this thing on. They normally have it once a month around the full moon. It was a great little night out. A really chilled out night with a great group of people, from families and friends through to backpackers. Here’s a few shots from the night. I will be going next time (got a few tricks to practice before then!)


Just before we went we had a nice little BBQ with some BBQ sweet Chilli Chicken, some really simple BBQ vege and some of my ‘famous’ burgers. All very tasty!

The Chicken wings were super easy. Organic Free range of course. I put them in an oven roasting pan. Added some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Gave it a toss around then added a splash of white wine, a good pour of Linghams sweet chilli sauce and a good lug of ETA Original BBQ sauce. Give another mix around, cover with foil and pop in the oven for about 30-40 mins on 170°C. You can do this first then have time to prepare everything else for the BBQ then chuck them on the BBQ for 5 mins at the end brushing more sauce over them as they cook and get all caramelised and tasty. Sorted!

The vege was just chucked on the hot plate on the BBQ with a bit of salt and pepper. Simple and tasty! I even chucked a few prawns on BBQ at the end. Again just salt pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice about 2 mins per side on really hot. Nothing like a good cliché to end the meal with! 🙂


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