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Chinese Roast Pork with Snowpeas and Sushi Rice

So the intention today was to make a nice salmon and mash potato dish with a nice leek and saffron sauce. I went to Harris Farm (a great fresh food supermarket in Australia). While I was wandering around looking for the leeks I saw they had an offer on this really nice free range pork loin. Immediately my mind went to Chinese Roast Pork. Just so you know my mind is never far off Roast Pork at any time so it doesn’t take much go from a normal thought processes to roast pork. This normally results in me going to BBQ King in China Town, my favourite chinese restaurant in Sydney.  Anyway, I decided to cook my roast pork recipe. I cooked this a while ago and it worked out really well so pretty much stuck to the recipe. It’s so easy and you can chill out while you’re doing the first part of it as we are slow cooking it.   (Recipe Found Here) 

I think real important thing on the first stage of cooking is as soon as it starts to boil turn it right down to a simmer, take the lid off and let it sit like that for 3 hours on a very low heat. I’ve got one of those heat mats that you can put under a pan to lower the temperature even more. They dont cost much and is well worth getting.

Once the first part of the pork is done strain the bits from the water you cooked the pork in and put back in a pan and turn the heat up high and reduce by at least 1/3. You end up with a great spicy stock you can use for all kind of stuff in the next few days. Check back soon to see what you can do with it.

For the rest of the dish I cooked some sushi rice and had some snow peas with it. I cooked the snow peas in a pan with half a ladle of the stock (from the first stage of cooking the pork) and a knob of butter. Just bring to the boil and cook for 3 mins. Really simple but great.

How to cook Sushi Rice

  • Sushi Rice
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Unrefined Caster Sugar
  • Maldon Salt

Get some good quality sushi rice (short grain). Wash the rice thoroughly to remove the starch. Now to one cup of rice add one and bit cups of water. The pack says 1 to 1.5 but I think a tiny bit less is good. Season with salt. Lid on then bring to a boil then turn right down for 8 mins. Remove from the heat making sure to leave the lid on and put to one side for 3 more mins. Now remove the lid and empty out the rice into a bowl and break apart a bit. Grab a cup and add 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 2 teaspoons of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Mix up well and pur through the rice and mix well. If you’re going to have this to make sushi then keep moving it around and fan until cool. I like it hot with some vege and some meat of some sort.

I bought some sushi rice seasoning which you can get from any good supermarket or asian supermarket. Sprinkle a bit of this on top when you serve it.


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