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My first food review….One Beaufort

ok so here is my first restaurant review. I really don’t quite know what I’m doing here so it’s a bit of a story of the night and what I thought of the food…what I can remember anyway 😉

So I had a night off from cooking. I went with my parents and some friends of there’s to a place called One Beaufort. A nice little bistro kind of place. A good night was had by all. I was on the red wine… to those who know me I’m sure you’re surprised. Rather too much wine was had unfortunately so I was too drunk to remember what it was called. I am pretty sure it was a Tempranillo. It was very nice though. Because of this slight drunkenness remembering what was in the food will be a bit tricky but here we go.

Ok so I had one of the specials which was crayfish with red chilli and garlic with a corriander butter. Pretty tasty. I would have liked more crayfish as you don’t get much meat on each one but that might be because I am a bit greedy. Judging my the size of my man boobs a little bit too greedy recently. A week of healthy eating is needed. Will have to try a 5 day healthy eating experiment. Make sure to check back on Monday for day 1.

Anyway back to the crayfish. Very nicely presented on the plate, it came with a little side salad and a wedge of lemon. Nothing ground breaking but all done very nicely. I think with something like crayfish you don’t want to over do the flavours too much, I’m going to try something like this with prawns and a risotto so watch this space!

Now, as a bit of a newbie to eating crayfish and being a little bit tipsy at this point I wasn’t sure if you we’re supposed to crack open the little claws to get at the meat. As I said before I am a bit greedy and I would have preferred a mountain of crayfish on my plate so I thought I’d try and get every little bit of food out of them. Plus by the time the food arrived we were on our second bottle of wine and was in need of something other than half a bottle of Tempranillo in my tummy. So I first tried to use my hand to crack them open. It proved tricky and resulted in cutting my finger open. Sharp little buggers by the way so watch out if you ever eat them. Despite the near amputation of my index finger I was not going to be beaten. Next attempt was hitting it with a fork. I was sure I’d seen people on TV eating crabs smashing the claw with a hammer. Having not been supplied with a hammer I thought a fork was the next best option. This didn’t really work…..hmmm what else could I use? Base of the bottle of wine seemed to make sense. Boom! Worked a treat. It turns out that there is bugger all meat in the claws and hardly worth loosing fingers and making a scene trying to use a bottle of wine to smash them open. I solved the hunger problem by stealing my parents chips they got with their burger. Nice. Not wanting to waste the crayfish claws I found that they worked a treat as chip holders. Genius! Like a chopstick only a lot cooler.

So three other people I was with had the Devil Burger which came with a side salad and pretty good chips. Not quite crunchy enough chips for my liking but not bad though. The one remaining person had Mussels with cherry tomatoes and a white wine sauce. Very French influenced menu which makes sense as the chef is French. The mussels were very good and the burger seemed to be well received by my parents. I think my dad would have preferred more ‘devil’ to the burger but he likes stuff spicy.

I shared a dessert with my parents friend. It was an Eaton mess. Basically a bit of fruit, a bit of crushed up meringue and loads of fresh whipped cream. Well good! There was some sort of orange fruit that looks a bit like a cherry on top of it. Think it was there more as a garnish as I don’t remember it tasting that great. By this point we were all so drunk I forgot to take a picture of it.

The conversation got onto work and various other things and was told about my parents friends nephew who has a side business in selling plush toys of road kill animals. so funny. A bit like happy tree friends kind of humour but you get your own plush toy with guts, body bag and toe tags! Brilliant! Check out their site and you’ll see what I mean.

So a great night was had by all. The food took a while to arrive but there was plenty of alcohol and good conversation so that didn’t really matter. All the food was really tasty, nothing very ground breaking but all cooked well and presented nicely. Slightly dangerous seafood and no tiny hammers for the tiny claws but I think that might be me being a bit picky. All up, five main meals, one dessert and 3 bottles of wine £90. Not bad. Timmy rating 6.5 out of 10. Had I been supplied with a tiny hammer it would have been a 7.

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